Commerce & Shopper: Category/Aisle Evolution

Some of the most impactful shopper marketing efforts occur when a deep understanding of shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors, and needs lead to innovative category/aisle evolution.



From chaos to confidence

Appliance shopping is chaotic. Reentering the category is overwhelming. Shoppers begin researching online to narrow in on the right appliance for them. But information overload shopping online quickly fuels chaos rather than giving shoppers clarity in what they need. Unexpected landmines driven by the pandemic heightened frustration with restricted access to retailer showrooms and supply chain challenges, which exacerbated appliance shopping chaos. Whirlpool’s first-ever Pinterest virtual showroom gave shoppers a curated digital shopping experience that guided them to an in-stock appliance that fit their needs, turning their chaos into confidence.

Brand: Whirlpool
Client: Whirlpool Corporation
Agency: Digitas United States
Language: English

Roll by Goodyear

The way we buy and install tires hasn't changed in decades, especially for Goodyear's key target: Millennial women.  Roll by Goodyear makes tire-buying and installation a more modern and enjoyable experience for female
consumers. Inviting storefronts located near shopping destinations simulate a showroom experience. Both women and men found the selection, purchase, and installation process easier, faster, more convenient, and friendlier. Our Women's Net Promoter Scores jumped by 30% and we saw 3X the adoption rate of mobile installation compared to other properties.

Brand: Goodyear
Client: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Agency: Digitas
Language: English

Xfinity Retail Transformation

Xfinity set out to transform their stores from functional service centers with low satisfaction ratings into inspired shopping destinations people love. We put shoppers at the center of every decision, transformed our sales associates into engaging hosts and created an experience that helps people discover how our solutions simplify their life. The new experience nearly tripled net promoter scores, increased core audience visits by 48%, improved affinity among tough prospects by 16% and converted more sales across all core business units. Proving engaging retail can transform any category.

Brand: Xfinity
Client: Comcast/XFINITY
Agency: FCB/RED
Language: English

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