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This category is for efforts that effectively reached their audience through the creation of original branded content that is not advertising.  The award honors branded content led ideas that are the heart of the communications program. 



«Home of Trails»

Wir haben es geschafft, Graubünden als unbekannte Bike-Region weltweit auf den Radar der Biker-Community, einer sehr schwer zu erreichenden Zielgruppe, zu bringen. Mit einer integrierten Branded-Content-Kampagne haben wir weltweit für Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt und Graubünden aus dem Schatten global bekannter Bike-Regionen an die Spitze der Facebook-Feeds zu katapultieren. 4.8 Millionen Views des Videos, 1295 Social Posts zur Kampagne, 20'525 Shares der Kampagne, Suchzugriffe wurden um 96% schweizweit und 29% weltweit erhöht, 59525 Hot Leads (gemessen in Clicks auf die Angebote) und 53% Umsatzsteigerung durch Biketicket 2 Ride Sales.

Brand: «Home of Trails»
Client: Enavant Graubünden Bike
Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat
Language: German

From Dome to Scarf

A scarf personalized for anyone.Inspired by the cave domes of the Mogao Caves, previously hidden in the dark.Her beauty has been ignored.What can be done for people to discover? And experience?
Mogao Caves, created a digital social gallery .Over 200 cave dome graphics reassembled into customizable components.For everyone to wield their design creativity .The possibilities are endless with infinite combinations,Easy and foolproof!
Using your fingers to design, click, purchase. Done!And wait for the one and only Scarf delivered to you.The social platform has attracted designers, photographers, models, and even media outlets.
Currently, the designs for Scarf of Dome have surpassed 200K combinations, And more are being added continually to the digital gallery


Brand: Dunhuang
Client: Dunhuang Academy
Agency: Tencent
Language: Mandarin

Funny Things Off The Top Of My Head

Clear the air about Dandruff by giving people a good laugh about it. Flipped over the decreasing sales trend and increased it by 1.7% in a category that shrank by 5.6%.

Brand: Head and Shoulders
Client: P&G Dubai
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi MENA
Language: English

2020_us_2020_e-4887-131_hero_1 Pearle Vision Restoring Dr. Pearle's Vision
2020_ch_2020_e-91-605_hero_1 UBS Hypotheken UBS und 20min suchen die beste Nachbarschaft der Schweiz
2020_us_2020_e-4604-183_hero_1 Ziploc Ziploc's Hail Mary on the NFL Season

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