Any effort whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



Little Emperor's Royal Dragon Diaper

85s~95s young parents become the main force of raising babies, how can Huggies stand out in this fierce competition? For those customers, meeting the functional requirements is the minimum condition; Product personalization and emotional resonance are the premise for them to choose the brand. In 2019, Huggies launched the Royal Platinum Collection, hoping to capture the attention and spending power of young parents through the new high-end product. This time Huggies tries C2M business model. First step is to catch the attention of moms through the concept of royal style design by the most trending issue, Chinese streetwear fashion. Second step is to combine consumer feedback, quickly opening up production chain and create the "dragon-patterned Diaper", limited-edition of Royal Platinum collection, to detonate the social volume. This campaign achieved a win-win in both sales volume and word of mouth, also successfully taking the first step in Innovative thinking marketing.

Brand: Huggies
Client: Kimberly-Clark China
Agency: Beijing zhongtian kongming technology CO., LTD.
Language: Mandarin

Oreo x The Forbidden City Campaign

Oreo with the Oriental IP launched a joint-name product, wrapped in a classic Western-style crust to wrap the Chinese flavor sandwich, so that the taste of Chinese and Western is perfectly integrated into a sandwich cookie. In the spread of cultural relics posters, epic blockbusters, interactive videos, and roundtables of foodies and brand spokespersons. The highlight of this marketing lies in the cultural collision between Chinese and Western IP. Besides form, culture is the key to success. Heavyweight the material is fully delivered, giving the user a strong sensory impact. In the end, he achieved excellent results. The epic video playback exceeded 110 million times. The interactive video H5 and round table video views exceeded one million times. On the first day of the product launch, he bought 760,000 bags and increased the powder by 260,000. The key KOL reported a large number of reports. The number of related topics has exceeded 1.29 billion. The whole event has become more famous overseas.

Brand: Oreo
Client: Mondelez China
Agency: BlueFocus Digital
Language: Mandarin

Long Awaited First Touch

Our idea was to activate our premature diaper donation program through the very thing baby can’t have touch from the mom. We created a campaign with a donation mechanism powered by a touch, social posters, a film and in-store all based around baby’s long wait for mother’s touch.

Brand: Pampers
Client: P&G China
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: Mandarin

2019_cn_2019_e192-cm-163436375_hero_1 OPPO Double Blessing
2019_cn_2019_e192-cm-160927575_hero_1 KFC Taco Juniors Never “lower their heads”
2019_cn_2019_e192-cm-161533489_hero_1 FAW-VW T-Roc FAW-VW T-ROC Teaser Campaign “Before I Come”

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