Sustained Success



'Like Brands' 2011- 2018

An instant hit and a long-running success, Aldi UK aired over 100 Like Brands ads, and exported the idea to USA, Australia and Ireland. Yet, the real success of Like Brands lay in reversing Aldi's fortunes, winning it a special place in the hearts of UK shoppers by transforming consumer attitudes to private label. Voted both Ad of the year 2011 and Ad of the Decade 2010s, Like Brands propelled Aldi on a trajectory that would make it the UK & Ireland's fastest growing supermarket from 2010-2018.

Brand: Aldi UK & Ireland
Client: Aldi UK Ltd.
Agency: McCann Manchester
Language: English

How Aldi keeps on winning Christmas with Kevin the Carrot

During Christmas the battle for consumers’ attention and wallets is fierce. Aldi needed to reduce its seasonal sales shortfall by convincing shoppers that despite its low-prices it could deliver a show-stopping Christmas. As the real magic of Christmas comes from the power to see the most everyday things in the most amazing way, Aldi adopted its most everyday item - a 3p carrot - as the brand spokesperson. Over four years Kevin the Carrot helped Aldi reduce its seasonal sales shortfall and become the fastest growing supermarket at Christmas.

Brand: Aldi UK
Client: Aldi UK Ltd.
Agency: McCann Manchester
Language: English

The "Other Rules" platform sustained success

In 2016, Tele2, lagging behind the «Big 3» set ambitious targets for increased revenue and profitability in a stagnating market. This meant abandoning the discount model and developing a new communication platform for the brand. «Other rules» became not just a communication platform, but a business philosophy, defining everything: from the formation of innovative products to the visual identity of the brand. We have become the only operator who always stands on the side of the subscribers, offering our products as the best alternative to imposed rules and market restrictions.

Brand: Tele2
Client: Tele2
Agency: McCANN Moscow
Language: English

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