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This award honors efforts that grew their business / brand by changing the marketing model in ways that drive the industry forward. 



iShares Future Baller$

Young investors were racing into the stock market, taking risks to get rich overnight. They found long-hold iShares Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) boring compared to risky short-term gambles like Memestocks. Our “Future Ballers” campaign got those most publicly stereotyped as short-sighted investors - NBA-rookies - to take a public stance against player bankruptcies; and teach investors to play the long-game. By disrupting the profit-first model of the investment category, addressing a real threat to people’s progress instead, iShares got 22M investors to think longer-term, and scored a record-breaking $1.1Billion in New Business.

Brand: iShares
Client: iShares
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Language: English

Taco Bell and Doja Cat: the Anti-Hero

Taco Bell announced the discontinuation of Mexican Pizza, causing swarms of fans to flood the brand with demands the product come back. They did everything they could, from petitions to funerals, to get it back. One of the biggest fans was Doja Cat, who organically tweeted the brand threats demanding the pizza back. Instead of ignoring it, we turned Doja into the voice of the people, serving as an unlikely brand ambassador who rallied Mexican Pizza fans around its return, eventually leading to a 1220% increase in Mexican Pizza sales.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch LA
Language: English

2023_us_2023_e-8296-934_hero_1 Motorola razr Motorola razr #HangUpOnIt
2023_us_2023_e-8461-166_hero_1 Tropicana Tropicana Cereal. The first cereal made to be eaten with orange juice, not milk.
2023_us_2023_e-8625-151_mp4_preview_1 General Motors Future of Safety

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