This is an award for rebirth campaigns. To enter your brand must have experienced a downturn of more than one year and a period of at least six months of upturn sales.



Coors Light Made to Chill

Coors Light needed to drive sales in a declining light beer category where young drinkers often opted for spirits, beer, wine and weed. This young generation lives in an always-on world. Made to Chill showed them that Coors Light is more than just a light beer; it’s what you reach for when you want to chill. The campaign helped recruit a new cohort of drinkers, countering downward sales trends with a jump from -5.4% to -1.0%, and ended 2019 with a higher share of the premium lights segment.

Brand: Coors Light
Client: Molson Coors
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Language: English

Credit Suisse «Zieh's durch»

Für die Kampagne hat man mit «Zieh's durch» eine durchgängige Plattform gefunden, die auf den verschiedenen Customer Journeys spielbar ist und Felder thematisiert, in denen ein guter Finanzpartner im Hintergrund bereit steht. Kernstück ist ein Manifesto-Film mit einem deutlichen Statement: Folge deinen Träumen und gestalte deine Zukunft. Eine breit angelegte Onlinekampagne mit Bewegtbild und diversen Social-Media-Aktivitäten sowie acht Kreationen für Digital-Out-of-Home, klassische Plakate und POS-Werbung, flankieren die Botschaft. Die Website wartet mit Tipps und Tricks zu jedem behandelten Thema auf, sowie in ihrer Verlängerung in Instagram & Co. Vier dokumentarische Stories vertiefen den Leitgedanken: in kurzen, realen Portraits erzählen Jugendliche, was sie antreibt und weiterbringt.

Brand: Credit Suisse VIVA
Client: CREDIT SUISSE (Schweiz) AG
Agency: Serviceplan
Language: German

Timberland, Uncompleted

Challenge: Timberland suffered low brand awareness in China. Its iconic item Yellow Boots are often confused with knock-offs from competitors.

Opportunity: Many people in China call Timberland “ti-bu-lan” which means “unbreakable” in Mandarin, it symbolizes the durability of Yellow Boots. We aim to capitalize on existing local interpretation of the brand – “ti-bu-lan” to establish emotional brand connection with Chinese consumers.

Insight: Timberland boots look nicer as they grew weathered, similar to human life, in which experience makes a person confident with themselves.

Concept: “Every Crease, Another Chapter in the Story.” Each one of us is crafting our own style of “ti-bu-lan” story with life experience.

Execution: The story drew analogy between life and yellow boots, move people with universal emotions.

Results: The film also helped Timberland hit a record high sale on Tmall 11/11.

Brand: Timberland
Client: VF Corporation
Agency: SG
Language: Mandarin

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