Media Content Partnerships

This category focuses on efforts based on partnerships between a brand and a media owner/platform to create and activate original media content beyond traditional advertising. 



Wendy's Enters the Morty-verse

Wendy’s sent Rick and Morty fans to another dimension, creating a fully immersive branded on and offline experience to promote the launch of an out-of-this-world breakfast menu and two new custom Coke Freestyle flavors. By seamlessly blending cartoon with reality, Wendy’s created an authentic never-been-done-before drive-thru experience at one LA Wendy’s –renamed Morty’s! - restaurant, complete with special employee uniforms and “Morty’s” food packaging, serving up a ‘Wubba Lubba Grub Grub’ breakfast menu that caused superfans to wait in line for 8+hrs at a time and social conversation to skyrocket.

Brand: Wendy's
Client: Wendy's
Agency: Spark Foundry New York
Language: English

Project #ShowUs Inspiring Women through Partnerships

Dove took action with Getty Images, Girlgaze to create Project #ShowUs, the world’s largest stock photo library created by women and non-binary individuals to shatter beauty stereotypes. To bring the campaign to life, we went to the heart of where beauty standards have long been defined, the publishing industry. Dove collaborated with Hearst through first-to-market executions across 5 key titles. More than 150+ #ShowUs images were infused into Hearst Print and Digital content, allowing real women to be inspired by seeing themselves reflected in the media they turn to everyday.

Brand: Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Mindshare
Language: English

The Conversational Contraceptives

Married couples in India have been repeatedly chased to control family size. But 65% of pregnancy in India happened in the first year of marriage itself. We discovered that the newlyweds did not want kids in their first year. In arranged marriages, they barely knew each to discuss contraception. This lack of spousal communication made them vulnerable to social pressure to immediately bear a child. We sculptured a unique interactive radio platform where the newly married couples could befriend each other and make the right choices to plan their family.

Brand: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Agency: McCANN New Delhi
Language: English

2023_la_2023_e-3675-805_hero_1 DR. PEPPER Hackeando Espacios Juveniles con un Sabor Indescriptible
2023_la_2023_e-3715-518_hero_1 Cheetos ¡Basta de drama, Cheetos Bola volvió!
2023_la_2023_e-3764-907_hero_1 Chevrolet Argentina “El hombre que no puede vender nada”

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