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Brands pay huge money as 2018 World Cup sponsors. Chinese kitchen appliances brand, Vatti, is just a team sponsor. How to win the World Cup marketing-war in China on a tight budget?

“FRANCE TRIUMPHS, VATTI REFUNDS”, If France wins the 2018 World Cup, "Championship Package" purchasers before the knockout stage get full refunds.
Whether France wins or not, Vatti will be the winner.

Vatti becomes the hottest topic during the 2018 World Cup. Vatti earns far more brand influence than all World Cup sponsors. With a return on investment over 1,000 times that of all World Cup sponsors, it has been praised as a "God-like" marketing case.

The first time in 88 years of the World Cup: FRANCE TRIUMPHS, VATTI REFUNDS.

Brand: Vatti
Client: Vatti
Agency: Z+
Language: Mandarin

Building fan relationships at speed

F1 had over 500m viewers, but no direct fan relationship meant no opportunity to sell F1 products and services. Fans, however, didn’t see themselves as customers. We needed to treat them as a community, not a target audience.  We created F1’s first ever eCRM programme. A fast-paced entertainment channel provoking fans to enjoy the championship like a new drama series. We fuelled fan passions with a season of stories, delivered a significant ROI, with our fans 200% more likely to purchase products, rising to 270% for F1TV Pro.

Brand: Formula 1
Client: Formula 1
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

The Crew 2

It's hard to launch a new racing-game when the segment is in decline and the two market leaders are planning to launch a new iteration at the same time. That's why for Ubisoft's The Crew2 we decided to focus on pre-launching the game by making its beta version appealing to players month before its actual launch.To make it happen we partner with Red Bull to create "Face Your Ride", a contest that turned the beta of the game into the most spectacular experience ever provided by a videogame

Brand: The Crew - Ubisoft
Agency: Proximity BBDO Paris
Language: English

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