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The diary of an active life

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: In Russia, there is a stereotype that women have less interests with age. But now the older women show a reverse trend: they are open to new experiences and want to stay active: for example, 59% want to improve  culinary skills, 55% want to look younger and be healthier, 27% want to learn something new * Social listening, M'Index, 2017. Despite the fact that women 50+ still have TV as a priority channel (93% weekly coverage), Internet becomes an integral part of their lives (50% weekly coverage) * Ipsos Comcon, Russia H1, 2017 .

Objectives: Business:- Increase market share- Attract new customersKPI: Market share +1pp (Proxima), Purchase growth +7% vs past month (BrandLift research via Tiburon panel)Media: Reach% 1+ 50%Communication:- Build strong emotional connectionKPI: Image attributes “for people like me”, “I trust this brand” growth +7%. Improved brand attitude of 30% of audience (BrandLift /Tiburon).- Increase brand engagementKPI: At least 10,000 of interactions with branded content (Shares/Likes). Image attributes: “unique brand”, “value for money” growth +7% (BrandLift /Tiburon).

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian