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Beautifully Real Moms

In order to increase its share of the baby care market, Dove launched a campaign to promote its new baby care line.  This resulted in a 4 point increase in market share and an 85% sales lift vs. its old baby care line, in spite of premium pricing.  We also closed the brand equity gap vs Johnson & Johnson Baby, the market lead.  Key to our success was leaning into Dove’s Real Beauty heritage and giving moms permission to be real instead of perfect.

Brand: Baby Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Coke Studio Explorer 2018

With Coke Studio Explorer, we dove deeper into our cultural DNA to introduce our youth to the sounds and music of Pakistan - the 4 provinces and Azad Kashmir. We explored their indigenous sounds, instruments and ethnic music from each region and took it to a global stage. With the immense critical and international acclaim, Coke Studio Explorer was truly an embodiment of Passion for Pakistan – generating immense pride for Pakistan and Coke (Studio) among the Target Audience

Brand: Coke Studio Explorer 2018
Client: Coca Cola Pakistan
Agency: Front Foot Media
Language: English

Un Bip Por La Guajira

Este caso es un buen ejemplo de cómo una campaña de responsabilidad social puede afectar positivamente el negocio. Queríamos ayudar a reducir la malnutrición en la Guajira y llevar la tecnología Sin Contacto a la vida cotidiana de las personas. Por eso, unimos ambos objetivos en un solo esfuerzo llamado “Un bip por la Guajira”. Así, con ayuda de Juanes, los aliados, el PMA y los bancos, logramos llevar 3 millones de comidas a la niñez de la Guajira e incrementamos el uso de Mastercard Sin Contacto en un 300%.

Brand: Un Bip por La Guajira
Client: Mastercard Colombia
Agency: McCann
Language: Spanish

As far as we go

In a world of “us” vs. “them”, even during Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Ramadan. The world doesn’t. 
Almosafer, a travel platform from Saudi Arabia, reignited the lost magic of Ramadan in the region, by seeing it through a little child’s story, and took that spirit to the world, encouraging people to travel meaningfully.
It defied the Ramadan marketing clichés, taking Ramadan to places that didn’t celebrate Ramadan.
It defined the category clichés, building emotional meaning in a category of rational persuasion.
And with low budgets, it overtook and beat leading competitors.

Brand: Almosafer
Client: Almosafer
Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai
Language: English

Instoptica: fighting for Ukrainians’ eyesight in the belly of the beast

To invite busy young people to have a professional eyesight check we changed traditional approach: switched the test from doctor’s cabinet to Instagram Stories.
We spent hours in the cabinet of ophthalmologist consulting how to implement the ordinary test to smartphone screen. Instead of one image communication we told a complex story in 11 Stories.

To attract more people have such test we created interactive outdoor commercial. Thus, we created Instagram campaigns outside of Instagram.
Due to unusual approach to commercials in social media, Click-through-rate from Stories to website reached by 69%. Standard CTR is 3%.
The level of online check increased by 25% — to achieve such results with the help of promoters we would need five times bigger budget.

Brand: Luxoptica
Client: Luxoptica
Agency: banda
Language: English


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