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The Unimagined World

This campaign is about showing the magician's hand and getting the credit s/he deserves. Qualcomm's inventions changed the world without us realizing it. The company is about to do it again in the 5G era. However, many see Qualcomm as "chip maker" or "patent licensor" rather than value generator. Instead of falling into the same old "my tech is better than yours" trope, the campaign successfully targeted the hearts of B2B audiences rather than their heads by framing the brand narrative within a wider world of the "unimagined".

Brand: Qualcomm's foundational technologies
Client: Qualcomm Technologies
Agency: McCann
Language: Chinese

UFS 2017 Chef Day

In the catering category of B2B, the low effect of CRM is the common difficulty in the industry. How to make chefs active in the CRM? From the perspective of the low social identity of the chef profession in China, we set up a wonderland for them to offer a sense of occupational pride. We cooperated with, using big data to show the praise and gratitude of the cooks to the chef. At the same time, it can generate the chef's exclusive resume automatically and let them communicate with each other in order to become the CRM community with the chef's highest activity and participation.

Brand: Unilever Food Solutions
Client: Unilever China
Agency: Social Touch
Language: Chinese

Tally hai toh tayyar hain

Brand: Tally Solutions
Client: Tally Solutions Private Limited
Agency: Happy mcgarrybowen
Language: English

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2019_us_2019_e-3987-200_hero_1 Napoleon Fireplaces Hot Spots
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