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At Effie, one of our goals is to play a part in pushing thinking forward and fostering an industry-wide culture of effectiveness.  By working with our network of business leaders, disruptors and innovators, we bring you some of the most progressive thinking around, underpinned by an ever-evolving dataset of marketing’s finest work. 

All the content below is full of actionable insights to help marketers everywhere sustain a competitive advantage, not only for themselves, but for their businesses.

Effie Thinks

Scale-up businesses need a new way of thinking about effectiveness

Jun 18, 2020

By Cheryl Calverley, CEO, Eve Sleep / Effie UK Council

There are reams of case studies, meta-analysis, books and tedious PowerPoint presentations on best practice in advertising effectiveness. But there’s a yawning gap in practical and academic advice when it comes to effectiveness insights for scale-up companies. 

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Ideas That Work

Featured Cases: 2020 Effie Index

Aug 01, 2020

Each month, Effie Worldwide features a curated selection of complimentary case studies from around the world relevant to the current business climate.  

This Month's Featured Cases:
2020 Effie Index: Most Effective Worldwide

This month, take a closer at the brands, marketers, and agencies named Most Effective in the 2020 Effie Index, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, WPP, McCann Worldgroup, FP7 McCann Dubai and Banda.

To see this month's featured case studies, click here.

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Save the Date: Effie Leadership Summit & Awards Gala

Aug 21, 2020

Join us for Ideas That Work®: 2020 Effie Leadership Summit & Awards Celebration.  A free to attend, virtual event that kicks off in the UK on September 23-24, and continues in the US on September 29-October 1.

The agenda will include keynotes, power talks and discussion panels and will give all attendees the opportunity to look behind the headlines.  We will also celebrate winners of the 2020 Effie Awards UK, US and Global: Multi-Region competitions. 

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Latest Effie Report Released by Effie U.S. & Ipsos Finds Disruption as Key Theme to Effective Campaigns

Aug 28, 2020

The latest analysis from Effie United States, in partnership with Ipsos, found disruption as a key creative theme to effective campaigns among 2019 winners. The Report, which analyzed winning and non-winning Effie winners in the 2019 Effie Awards US competition, provides highlights, trends and practical examples of effective marketing best practices across Effie’s four-pillar framework.

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Case Studies

Effie Case Study Series with Mark Ritson

Jul 29, 2019

Effie Worldwide partnered with Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor, Writer, and teacher of Marketing Week's Mini MBA and the team at LinkedIn for a 10-part series featuring Effie-winning case studies.  The series outlines the 9 key lessons for marketing effectivess taken from the analysis of over 6,000 Effie-winning case studies over the past 50 years.  

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Featured brands: Tide, Febreze, Tourism Australia, Dove, Gillette, Apple, Snickers, Lidl, Dare Iced Coffee

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Insights & Inspiration

Marketing Budgets In A Recession - How Much Is Too Much?

Aug 21, 2020

Brands are well aware that they can benefit from spending through a recession, but it’s less often recognised that the scale of the spend need not be an issue. Investment, regardless of size, can always be effective, which is worth remembering as we face a global ad spend drop of 11.9% this year, according to GroupM.
Effie’s data shows that it’s fine to cut back on your budget, but it’s never OK to compromise on thinking: perhaps surprisingly, the budgets for the Grand and Gold winners are remarkably consistent, whether we are living through a growth phase or a recession.

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On the Effie Blog

Winner Spotlight Series

Aug 01, 2020

Effie Worldwide is on a mission to set a new standard of excellence in marketing. We champion effectiveness through smart leadership, inspiring insights and the largest marketing effectiveness awards in the world. 

In celebration of the most effective marketing ideas recognized by Effie around the world, we have asked the teams behind the Effie-winning work to share their insight into what it takes to be effective. Check out our Winner Spotlight series for interviews with marketing leaders who are moving the needle forward. 

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