• New Research Uncovers Biggest Differentiator of Effective Marketing: Bravery

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Effie Case Study Series with Mark Ritson

Jul 29, 2019

Effie Worldwide partnered with Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor, Writer, and teacher of Marketing Week's Mini MBA and the team at LinkedIn for a 10-part series featuring Effie-winning case studies.

The final video in this series outlines the 9 key lessons for marketing effectivess taken from the analysis of over 6,000 Effie-winning case studies over the past 50 years and highlighted through in depth case studies over the past 9 weeks.  Watch here >
Featured brands: Tide, Febreze, Tourism Australia, Dove, Gillette, Apple, Snickers, Lidl, Dare Iced Coffee

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New Research Uncovers Biggest Differentiator of Effective Marketing: Bravery

Jul 25, 2019

Traci Alford, President & CEO of Effie Worldwide, shares learnings from an analysis of over 6,000 Effie-winning cases.

Read the full piece in AdAge >

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Winner Spotlight Series

Feb 19, 2019

Effie Worldwide stands for effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting marketing ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness. In celebration of the most effective marketing communications acknowledged by Effie around the world, we have asked the teams behind the Effie-winning work to share their insight into what it takes to be effective. Check out our Winner Spotlight series for interviews with marketing leaders who are moving the needle forward. 

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