Media Innovation - Emerging & New Channels

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to change the way a particular, emerging media channel is consumed or to create a new channel. 



Rooftop Gardens

Garnering the attention of Egypt's largest NGO and FACEBOOK, Knorr's Rooftop Garden initiative managed to turn a small idea into a nation wide project with key partners to ensure its efficacy. Sustainably feeding hundreds of families through the development of fifty rooftops as an initial phase. 

Brand: Knorr
Client: Unilever Mashreq
Agency: FP7/CAI
Language: English

Project "Dostup"

Project “Access” is devoted to the most valuable thing for young people in the Internet - content. It was raising a question of decreasing value of content at the age of its infinity. Together with contemporary artists, musicians and designers we created content that was intentionally limited to make it desirable by its inaccessibility. It was possible to watch created content only through AR app in offline and having caught targeted placement in niche media online. We managed to finally become a leader at the “for youth” attribute by growing it’s rate to 48 points.

Brand: "MTS"
Client: MTS PJSC
Agency: Mosaic Media
Language: English, Russian


To build relevance with an audience that was actively avoiding advertising, Wendy's created advertising that wasn't experienced like traditional advertising. Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment, we created a hip-hop album full of Wendy's brand messaging. So, was it advertising, or was it entertainment? We thought it didn't matter what you called it once it was listened to more than 3.6 million times; topping music charts, surpassing engagement benchmarks by seven times, and generating 800 million earned media impressions.

Brand: Wendy's
Client: The Wendy's Company
Agency: VMLY&R
Language: English

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2019_mn_2019_139_hero_1 Standard Chartered United Arab Emirates The Art Gap
2019_mn_2019_141_hero_1 Waste Management Coalition Toxic Flag

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