Media Innovation - New Channel Creation

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to create a new media channel to effectively grab their audience and effectively engage with them.




Great targeted "always-on" programmatic campaign that introduces moms to key Agusha categories, at the brand selection’s time for complementary feeding’s introduction, and stimulates first purchase

Brand: Agusha
Client: PepsiCo Holdings LLC
Agency: OMD Optimum Media

Allergy tracker - pollen forecast based on AI

What to do if you are a brand-challenger in supercompetitive category of anti-allergy remedies, just entered the market with opportunity to communicate in media? Act outside the box, use modern technology and create value for the consumer - this is recipe for success! Flixonase ​​did that after transition from Rx to OTC. In the first year of media support, brand created a unique service: allergy forecast based on big data and artificial intelligence. The service enabled consumers to know in advance about allergies to come, and allowed the brand to declare itself and take strong position in the market!

Brand: Flixonase
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare Russia
Agency: MediaCom

What's the colour of air at your home?

The campaign of Pomysł na generated a significant sales increase and successfully repositioned the entire brand, breaking the negative image of instant products. The brand managed to successfully integrate into contemporary culinary trends and respond to the growing consumers’ requirements in terms of nutrition quality. We convinced consumers that with Pomysł na they can cook efficiently, wholesomely and naturally. We successfully reboot the perception of the products “from the sachet”, leading to the first in years growth in brand sales, which almost doubled the dynamics of the entire category.

Brand: Philips
Client: Philips
Agency: Ogilvy

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2019_ru_2019_2159_hero_1 Viber Viber WC2018: using WC2018 to grow Viber user base
2019_ru_2019_2475_hero_1 Otrivin Near at hand: how a common figure of speech became the core of the media strategy

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