Media Innovation - New Channel Creation

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to create a new media channel to effectively grab their audience and effectively engage with them.



Precious™ Innovation in Maggi campaign

It is the most difficult Task, to be innovative in the field, where everybody has been acting the same way, preserving the "market standard". Precious™ is the revolution in TV planning. Due to use of data & technology in the way, nobody has come up before. Thanks to usage of Precious, we have finally the chance to communicate with people really responsible for sales and business growth. In Maggi C ase, we targeted Light & Medium category buyers. The campaign has successfully reached them, noticeably boosting awareness indicators & sales levels.

Brand: Precious™
Client: Nestlé Polska
Agency: Wavemaker

Lockheed Martin Field Trip to Mars

In an era of Silicon Valley innovation, Lockheed Martin was seen as an outdated defense contractor. Especially when it came to space. It found itself losing its customers to start-up SpaceX. If Lockheed Martin didn't prove its innovativeness, it risked losing further business to SpaceX. Lockheed Martin set out to shift the conversation away from SpaceX by creating the first-ever group virtual reality experience. It shifted the conversation - receiving 180% more mentions in the Mars conversation than SpaceX and 132% more mentions than Musk.

Brand: Lockheed Martin
Client: Lockheed Martin
Agency: McCann New York

Tantum Verde. New advertising approach

Brand: Tantum Verde
Client: Angelini Pharma Russia
Agency: Global Star Russia

2018_mn_2018_e-698-056_hero_1 McDonald's GCC Big Tasty Online Challenge
2018_ua_2018_32_hero_1 Hansa #warmstory
2017_ru_2017_052_hero_1 M.Video Let it play

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