Media Innovation - New Channel Creation

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to create a new media channel to effectively grab their audience and effectively engage with them.



Theraflu Flu Tracker based on Big Data analysis

The digital project Theraflu Flu Tracker is an innovative, socially useful service in the form of an interactive map of Russia that analyzes a huge array of relevant data and gives the most accurate forecast for the incidence of flu and cold for 10 days in advance for each city of Russia.

Brand: Theraflu
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare Russia
Agency: MediaCom

Precious™ Innovation in Maggi campaign

It is the most difficult Task, to be innovative in the field, where everybody has been acting the same way, preserving the "market standard". Precious™ is the revolution in TV planning. Due to use of data & technology in the way, nobody has come up before. Thanks to usage of Precious, we have finally the chance to communicate with people really responsible for sales and business growth. In Maggi C ase, we targeted Light & Medium category buyers. The campaign has successfully reached them, noticeably boosting awareness indicators & sales levels.

Brand: Precious™
Client: Nestlé Polska
Agency: Wavemaker

Smart technologies increase offline media efficiency

In a highly competitive market what media mix a high-tech company like Uber should use to reach the two main goals - brand awareness and usage growth? The classic mix: TV+OOH+Internet. But is it possible to increase OOH efficiency? We found a solution by combining mobile operators Big Data with our own Programmatic platform and invented Smart Digital OOH. As a result, we managed to target TA more accurately and increased conversion into Uber users significantly in comparison with region where classic OOH advertising was used.

Brand: UBER
Client: UBER Technology
Agency: OMD Media Direction

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2019_ru_2019_2475_hero_1 Otrivin Near at hand: how a common figure of speech became the core of the media strategy

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