Brand Experience: Virtual/360

This category showcases how a brand experience beyond traditional advertising can be created. Work that brings a brand or product to life and interacts with a specific target through virtual/360 experiences should be entered.



Making a product, not just a campaign - The Nation's Bike

Brand: Bajaj Motorcycles
Client: Bajaj Auto Limited
Agency: The Leo Group India

Comfy. How to become a topical brand for online shoppers

A non-standard approach was chosen in order to announce the launch of the new site and show its functionality, advantages and convenience of making purchases through the site.

Brand: COMFY
Client: COMFY
Agency: Banda Agency

Bringing Maggi Back to Shelves

Brand: Maggi
Client: Nestle India Ltd.
Agency: McCann Worldgroup

2018_ua_2018_41_hero_1 Microlax® Microlax®. How to enter in new category 'fast and gentle' and gain №4 rank for 6 month
2018_ua_2018_43_hero_1 Lwiwske Eksportowe Retro-innovation
2018_na_2018_e-3314-517_hero_1 IBM From Hidden Figures to STEM Stars

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