Multicultural - Products

Any effort for a product whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



Day One

Once the preferred option for reliability and value among Asian Americans, Toyota grapples with evolving consumer preferences and heightened competition. In a strategic brand transformation, Toyota transcended its traditional car brand identity, emerging as an advocate for Asian Americans. Empowering them through a storytelling campaign has forged deep emotional connections. The outcome: a revitalized brand narrative, evident in a significant +14% surge in consideration and purchase intention. This underscores the impact of authentic consumer connections, affirming Toyota's strategic adaptation to address changing consumer needs and uphold its market leadership.

Brand: Toyota
Client: Toyota Motors North America
Agency: Intertrend Communications
Language: English

American Family Insurance “Life’s Better” Campaign

American Family Insurance is a challenger brand who had to capture younger multicultural audiences to grow. They strategically leveraged their ownable asset–their logo–to punch above their weight, create an emotional connection and stand out in a category full of critters and flashy humor. Outspent 10:1 by their largest competitors, they worked to outsmart–not outspend–by creating consistent, repeatable and contextually relevant activations that positioned their roofline as a striking symbol of dream protection. The result: they over-delivered on their goals of awareness, differentiation, and new business production with their target.

Brand: American Family Insurance
Client: American Family Insurance
Agency: Elite Media
Language: English

The Black Elevation Map

In early 2022, as travel finally started to open back up, niche travel brand Black & Abroad was eager to re-ignite the conversation about Black travel and yearned for a follow-up to their globally recognized “Go Back to Africa” campaign with something equally as provocative. Enter The Black Elevation Map: an immersive digital experience that takes 330,000,000+ points of cultural data, such as Black population data, historical markers, Black-owned businesses, and social media activity, and visualizes it as points of interest on a dynamic, searchable elevation map of the US.

Brand: Black & Abroad
Client: Black & Abroad
Agency: Performance Art
Language: English

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