Coke & Music 2017

Coca-Cola has been exploring the music platform effectively for a decade now, through Coke Studio. However, this was not directly proportional to the transactions. Starting this year, the brand initiated a parallel campaign celebrating Pakistani music, through all mediums available. This impact was phenomenal in terms of recruitment and driving the BLS score to an all-time high.

Brand: Coke & Music 2017
Client: Coca Cola Pakistan
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Language: English


Coca-cola started the year with a  challenging objective which is to develop a major "come back" for the brand since CSD drinks were mainly associated to the competition name which affected the purchasing power & the teens (target) perspectivemoreover the challenge here became that the competition now is any relevant or entertaining content so the idea had to emerge from the target's relevancy perspective by developing a tune that can top any benchmarks & launch it with a full fledged campaign that showcased the brand's experience and consumers relevancy 

Client: Coca-Cola Egypt
Agency: MAHDYS
Language: English

Laško Bet

"The Bet" campaign is a continuation of a successful "Duel" campaign. In 2017, Cimirotić and Tavares battled for the bottle of Laško in the football-themed campaign. Both have fought in what they know best – showing their skills with impossible trick shots. The key challenge of the long-term communication platform was the change in the perception of young beer drinkers and the consolidation of emotional links between the brand and young people as a target group, and the continued growth of the market share with the unchanged price policy, which we also achieved.

Brand: Laško
Client: Pivovarna Laško Union d. o. o.
Agency: Luna \TBWA
Language: Slovenian

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