David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



Shape Our Tomorrow

Pardon our Hokkien: early childhood education is often colloquially (and crudely!) characterised as “shit work” because of diaper changes, low salary and lack of respect; it isn’t “real” teaching. We therefore set out to reposition early childhood educators from nannies who change diapers, to teachers who change lives. With Shape Our Tomorrow, the sector’s first ever campaign, we shifted perception (at least 16-point lift in being seen as meaningful, challenging and rewarding), made the sector more attractive (70%), and drove a 46% surge in potential applications.

Brand: Early Childhood Development Agency
Client: Early Childhood Development Agency
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore

Letters in Motion

This is the story of a small, mission-driven pet food company called Freshpet going up against the Great Danes of the industry—and winning! Freshpet, a pioneer in the healthy pet food category, has faced intense competition from the leading pet food companies, who’ve launched a slew of healthy brands backed by huge advertising budgets. How could Freshpet compete? The answer was hiding in the brand’s mailbox: A campaign called “Letters," which grew household penetration by 19.9% and same-store sales by 22%, even as the pet food category remained flat.

Brand: Freshpet
Client: Freshpet
Agency: Terri & Sandy

Adding Health To Hands

KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE While well-entrenched behemoths dominated the handwash market in the metros, consumer apathy towards handwashing was dominating the tier 1 and 2 towns. But the opportunity was huge given that handwash penetration in India was only 14%. Savlon identified a platform that not only enabled and encouraged consumers to adopt the habit of handwashing, but also convinced competition users to switch to Savlon, propelling the brand to no. 3 position within just two years of its launch.

Brand: Savlon
Client: ITC
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India

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