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The Hearing Test In Disguise

Problem: Australia is in the midst of a silent epidemic, 3.5 million people are living with some form of hearing loss. However, many are in denial about their hearing loss or don’t know how bad it is. Our task was to get those in denial to recognise they have a problem and take action. Solution: We created a hearing test, in disguise. A short film that has two different endings, depending on the viewer’s hearing ability. Results: Exceeded KPIs: Tested over 134,300 Australians' hearing. Generated 2,499 highly engaged, high-value leads.

Brand: Cochlear
Client: Cochlear
Agency: CHE Proximity
Language: English


Despite all the investments, the Syoss brand’s market share didn’t increase. It needed to be urgently fixed, because the haircare products’ market is very competitive. After analyzing, we decided to enhance the image indicators, because it was incomprehensible and not very close to Ukrainians. The brand needed its face and the choice fell on Nata Zhyzhchenko, the ONUKA band’s frontwoman. As a result, there was a visual art-story, where ONUKA manages her style through products, magically transforming them in her hands. This communication became a breakthrough for Syoss’ Ukrainian perception.

Brand: Syoss
Client: Henkel Ukraine
Language: English

Padres sobreprotectores

Brand: Servicio Odontológico
Client: Asociación Nacional de Afiliados - ANDA
Agency: Havas Gurisa
Language: Spanish

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