Media Innovation - Existing Channel

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 




On musics most important night, on musics biggest stage, for musics biggest audience, we didn't want to just be another brand interrupting the GRAMMYs we wanted to be part of the 57th GRAMMY Awards. So we decided not to run ads, and instead give viewers more of what they wanted: #MoreMusic. But not just more music - live music. And it worked. #MoreMusic was the top national trend on Twitter and every major media outlet immediately took notice, with Forbes deeming us one of the best performances of the night.

Brand: Target
Client: Target
Agency: Deutsch LA

Find a Match

Automaker websites were falling short of shopper needs: people couldnt search intuitively by criteria they cared about, and would build a car online but not be able to find it nearby. The new took cues from dating websites and revolutionized car shopping. Users can now search by whats important and the site matches them to a VW in their area with their exact specifications. Since launch, inventory search is up +78.5%, dealer search is up +184.7%, and the number of shoppers delivered to dealer websites increased +253.7%.

Brand: Volkswagen of America
Client: Volkswagen of America
Agency: Deutsch LA

Made With IBM

To drive IBMs credentials in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud we reinvented Sports Sponsorship TV advertising. We dedicated the entirety of our Masters Tournament Inventory to an unprecedented stream of almost 70 unique commercials showing the value being Made with IBM: a 35 Minute Documentary, Interrupted by Golf. By solving the ad nauseam of endlessly repetitious commercials, we dominated Masters buzz (3x the mentions of the other sponsors combined). We transformed perceptions, and drove a $3.5BN increase in category revenue.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

2019_me_2019_e-3602-494_hero_1 The Home Depot Built-In Pins
2019_me_2019_e-4360-482_hero_1 Spotify David Bowie is Here
2019_me_2019_e-4404-939_hero_1 Team Gleason Robocalls from Humans

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