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Transparentni keš krediti

Ponuda keš kredita za većinu stanovništva nije u potpunosti jasna i razumljiva. Broj ponuda, nemogućnost razlikovanja među njima, kao i kompleksnost bankarskih termina čine ljude nesigurnim. Kao jedna od liderskih banaka u Srbiji, Komercijalna banka je novu ponudu keš kredita predstavila na novi način koji je pokazivao da je u njenom poslovanju sve transparentno._x000D_

Brand: Transparentni keš krediti
Client: Komercijalna banka AD Beograd
Agency: Communis DDB


Millennials are famed for being the generation that’s more likely to rent, and least likely to insure. Our challenge is engaging these under 39ers to take action about their financial future. Instead of practical advice or scares, we tapped into the language of millennials and celebrated responsibility in a playful, relatable way: #adulting. The #adulting campaign turned out to be the best performing campaign in the history of Manulife Singapore - more than just awareness and buzz, it drove high purchase consideration and significant sales uplift.

Brand: Manulife Singapore
Client: Manulife Singapore
Agency: TBWA Singapore

A Global Citizen Rediscovers Relevance in Changing Britain

This is the story of how HSBC made its international brand heritage relevant to the UK again – at a time when the country had decided to close itself off from the wider world. This is a case study of a single long-term brand narrative with multiple campaigns – rather than short term focus.

Brand: HSBC UK
Client: HSBC
Agency: J. Walter Thompson London

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