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CIBC Aventura. The Traveller's travel card

In 2013 Aventura was launched with a differentiated message and benefit (fly any airline, any seat), however, over the years it lost its competitiveness and consequently, year-over-year sales declined tremendously. In a category with few differentiators between cards, in order to drive consideration Aventura had just one choice – re-launch the brand in a distinctive way. This case shows how Aventura used a powerful insight-led advertising campaign to become The Traveller's Travel Card and for the first time - the category’s top choice.  

Brand: CIBC Aventura
Client: CIBC
Agency: Juniper Park\TBWA Communications

Konnect - Ab Life Hai Simple

Pakistan has a mobile penetration of 72% while only 15% of the population has access to formal banking. Mobile is an opportunity to convert people to the banking fold, since it allows remote account opening.  Konnect launched in 2018. While competition focused on agents and feature phone transactions, we were the first ones to make the Konnect app the hero. Konnect acquired 1.5 million customers in just 6 months (which is 14% of HBL’s total customer base).

Brand: Konnect by HBL
Client: HBL

Friends Again

As a traditional bank we had an uphill battle if we wanted to steal market share from an app whose name is popular vernacular (“just Venmo me”). To set Bank of America apart among a millennial audience whose preference was already set in stone, we had to get emotional. By leading with the voices millennials trust and creating an occasion for conversation and compassion, Bank of America’s #FriendsAgain campaign generated new mobile banking customers and, ultimately, the new Zelle technology disrupted the disruptor, becoming the leader in transactions over Venmo.

Brand: Bank of America
Client: Bank of America
Agency: GroupeConnect

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