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Built-In Pins

To grow beyond the core DIYer, The Home Depot needed to meet Millennials where they were most engaged in home improvement: Pinterest. But we learned that Pinterest-perfect inspiration was more intimidating than inspiring. So we hacked the platform to bring viewers “Built-In Pins,” a virtual before & after experience with shoppable content, that helped bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. The campaign delivered 4x the industry average for ROAS, doubling engagement benchmarks and earning us a spot on Pinterest’s most innovative list.

Brand: The Home Depot
Client: The Home Depot
Agency: 22squared
Language: English

Kenwood Khush Raho

Air- Conditioners category has highly active competition where there is very difficult to differentiate and position your brand.The campaign was in continuation to Kenwood's 2017's commercial because of its effectiveness. This campaign is unique, a perfect example of how you communicate functionality of product while keeping your audience engaged with a story. Because of its witty insight and entertainment value, it went viral instantly and achieved great impact in proportion to media spending.  This campaign further strengthened the consumer's emotional bond that the brand started establishing in 2014.

Brand: Kenwood Air Conditioner
Client: R&I Electrical Appliances
Agency: Arey Wah
Language: English


#SHKOLA was an experiment of the TV channel 1 + 1 - low budget, without its history and professional actors, which was supposed to strengthen the position of 1 + 1 in new media and bring a young audience on the air. The product had its competitors and features, but 1 + 1 took a chance and put its on prime time. The result exceeded all expectations not only significant over-fulfillment of KPIs declared (the number of subscribers per page, views on YouTube, large sales of promotional products), but also a general rating on the air, making the best series fall-winter 2017-2018.

Brand: 1+1 media
Client: 1+1 media
Agency: Postmen DA
Language: English

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