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Packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.




Together with client we changed the perception of JBB Bałdyga! We went for family; for being local; but most imploringly – we highlighted from where the brand is – Kurpie area! We took what is special about JBB brand and created “Kurpiodobre!” platform, tapping into emerging consumer trends. Apart from traditional media, we strongly invested in digital. Thanks to this campaign we managed to achieve spectacular growth, both in terms of sales, as well as in terms of all image attributes and pushed JBB on new routes for the future.

Brand: JBB Baldyga
Client: JBB Baldyga
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi IS

Lumberjacks Eat Moore

After a decade without investment Dinty Moore Stew had lost relevance with both its core target and retailers. Sales had declined by almost 50%. Leveraging insights from "blue-collar" working-man's culture and taking advantage of a pop-culture fashion trend, the brand re-claimed recognition as the real working man’s meal. Successfully bringing back lapsed users and reversing 10-year declines with a +18% increase in volume sales and +36% dollar sales lift and 16% increase in household penetration. All with a budget of just $1.1MM.

Brand: Dinty Moore® Stew
Client: Hormel Foods Corporation
Agency: BBDO Minneapolis

El regreso de las bestias hambrientas

Impulsada por un contexto económico difícil, a las clásicas barreras de “sabor” que siempre tuvieron las milanesas de soja se sumó y ganó importancia la barrera de saciedad. Y sí, para llenar la “panza” se necesitan al menos dos milanesas de soja al plato y, pensando en la familia, eso es todo un presupuesto.Así fue que, con el objetivo de instalar a las milanesas de soja Lucchetti como una opción cotidiana, decidimos meterla entre dos panes para crear un suculento sandwich completo de milanesa de soja, ideal para esos momentos en donde se necesita algo práctico y saciador.

Brand: Lucchetti
Client: Molinos Río de la Plata
Agency: La América

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2019_co_2019_e-529-167_hero_1 ALPINA BABY, TU PROPIA FORMA DE QUERER Tu Propia Forma De Querer

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