Fresh, packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



KFC Garlic Sauce

Brand: KFC
Client: US Food Network
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Romania

Time to Grow. Time to Speak.

How to grow if you're a leader of a stagnating category? How to grow during FIFA World cup if you're neither its sponsor, nor linked with football?   We knew Russians would do literally anything for their foreign guests. Even if it requires speaking English. Orbit launched “Time to speak” campaign and inspired Russians to speak English “from ze haart”. It was Time to Shine for the country! The results exceeded expectations: Orbit sales +16,5%/+16,8% (value/volume); category sales +5,7%/+17,3% (value/volume).

Brand: Orbit
Client: Mars LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow

How Abbotts Village Bakery became a breadwinner

We’ll be upfront. This isn’t a paper about the effectiveness of advertising alone. Although we can, and have, isolated its sizeable impact. This is a story about what happens when you take the modern marketing maxim “everything communicates” seriously.
Making Abbott’s Village Bakery a breadwinner.

Brand: Abbotts Village Bakery
Client: George Weston Foods
Agency: BMF

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