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We Won't Make It 'til You Order It

Through late 1998 and 1999, Jack in the Box converted each of its nearly 1,500 restaurants to an Assemble to Order System. This new process represented a significant change in the way burgers were delivered: no more heating bins, no more heat lamps, and no use of microwave ovens. The advertising campaign boldly challenged the industry leaders to follow Jack's lead. The challenge paid off: improved food quality and taste lead Jack in the Box to record sales.

Brand: Jack in the Box
Client: Jack in the Box
Agency: Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Company
Language: English

Wendy's Late Night

The Wendy's Late Night advertising was developed to increase awareness and establish a leadership position in the late night daypart. This effort is the first time in ten years Wendy's has developed a fully integrated marketing effort in order to address a specific daypart consumer.

Brand: Wendy's Food Restaurant Chain
Client: Wendy's International, Inc.
Agency: Bates USA
Language: English


The "Hospitaliano" campaign objective was to stop the severe erosion of both traffic and sales at the Olive Garden in the face of dramatic competitive pressures. In short, to take a once-unique restaurant and make it "hot" again. Our goal was to give people an emotionally compelling reason to come back. We did this by promising them more than just great food. We promised them an experience where they'd feel just like family.

Brand: Olive Garden
Client: Darden Restaurants
Agency: Grey
Language: English

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