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Big Mac x Bacon Collaboration

We used the return of the Big Mac Bacon as an opportunity to make McDonald’s a more attractive brand to one of their most allusive audiences - Young Canadians.  To attract these young trendsetters we created a collaboration between the Big Mac and Bacon, designing the entire campaign to look like an exclusive album drop.

Brand: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Ltd.
Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
Agency: Cossette

BUT we have delicious!

How to secure your position in the coffee market, that has already been occupied by major players? How can we surprise conservative residents of Yekaterinburg, who are spoiled enough by high quality of coffee and top service? We are sure it’s possible to increase recognizability and gain loyalty, if we use a sense of humour and take the advantage of the status of our popular neighbour. After the campaign, the cafe managed to attract new clients and increase average monthly income by 500,000 rubles at once as well as a big attention and support of indifferent residents!

Brand: Lublu Coffee
Client: Lublu coffee
Agency: Lublu coffee

Gracias, Impaciencia.

Domino’s reaccionó a las nuevas reglas de los domicilios decidiendo que competía no sólo en el microcosmos de las pizzas, sino contra toda la oferta al alcance de cualquier aplicación. Domino's reinventa su comunicación, aprovechando la impaciencia para sacar ventaja de un modelo de negocio único.

Brand: Domino's Pizza
Client: Domino's Pizza
Agency: proximity Colombia

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