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Southwest was losing its low fare leadership to other airlines with seemingly low fares that nickel-and-dimed customers. We needed to remind travelers that Southwest offers customers the lowest fares and best experiencebut more than that, that we care about them and not the bottom line. So we created a word for our philosophy: Transfarency, which got customers thinking about the total price of their trip and the industrys unfair fees. The philosophy resonated with OTAs like Expedia, revealing fees within their search results and Congress proposing a Fair Fees Act.

Brand: Southwest
Client: Southwest Airlines
Agency: GSD&M

Uber China Branding Campaign

优步中国与滴滴合并后,许多用户不知道产品还可以使用,或认为二者无差异。于是我们用反转的创意形式颠覆受众的认知:同一段文案,正叙和倒叙表达出两种截然相反的意思,有力传递“优步还在”和“出行极简”的信息。 The video shows lines of copy in middle of the frame, stating Minimalism brings no pleasure to life and Uber no longer exits. As the audience gets confused, the lines of copy start to run backward and state the completely opposite meaning. Simply by reversing the same paragraph of copy, the meaning of the words changes. The video catches audience by surprise, thus leave a deeper impression and subtler understanding of the brand statement: Uber is still here in China and advocates minimalism in riding a car.

Brand: Uber
Client: Uber China
Agency: TOPic

DiDi Express-Create a New Guinness World Record with RMB50

Brand: Didi
Client: Beijing Xiaojukeji
Agency: 180.0

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