Commerce & Shopper: New Product/Service Introduction

Any commerce and/or shopper effort used to introduce a new product or service. New products/services may include a whole new brand, a new product from an existing brand, or a new line extension.



Sipping is Believing

Espresso is the future of the coffee category, but Dunkin’ wasn’t getting a piece of it. We had offered espresso since 2003, but the product was disappointing. Our launch of an improved espresso line needed to transform perceptions; people didn’t believe Dunkin’ could do espresso. With a campaign that leaned into the unexpectedness of Dunkin’s delicious espresso, we convinced skeptics that the best-tasting espresso was right under their nose: at Dunkin’. Ultimately, we grew espresso sales by 67%, with Dunkin’ named QSR Magazine’s “2018 Most Transformational” brand.

Brand: Dunkin'
Client: Dunkin Brands
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Recharging Redness Relievers in a Beautiful Way

Bausch + Lomb introduced new innovation into a declining category with LUMIFY, a new redness reliever eye drop. With the goal of bringing new users into the category, we positioned LUMIFY’s unique benefits for whiter, brighter, more radiant looking eyes to a new target, the beauty enthusiast. Aiming to capture her when she was shopping in beauty, LUMIFY created a ‘bridge’ between beauty and eye care at retail stores. LUMIFY single handedly lifted the redness reliever category by 26%, and 70% of LUMIFY purchases were cross shopped with beauty products.

Client: Bausch + Lomb
Agency: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide
Language: English

Lay's Baked

Chips baked in the oven remain exceptionally tasty, but contain 50% less fat, so you can allow yourself more! The main goal of the launch of the category was to show the unique features of the product. And we did it!

Brand: Lay's Baked
Client: Frito Ley Manufacturing LLC
Agency: Seven
Language: English, Russian

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