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Vip Back to school family platforma

_x000D_ U trenutku kada telekom operatori zaljučavaju svoje baze korisnika, Vip se usmerava na rast iz sopstvene baze, kreirajući ponude koje kombinuju dva različita proizvoda. Tako nastaje Vip Family platforma, koja izuzetno uspešno prevazilazi izazov komunikacije dva proizvoda sa različitim imidžom i ciljnim grupama. Uspešnost kampanje ogleda se u činjenici da je svaki postavljan cilj uveliko premašen: ostvaren je rast iz spostvene baze, dok je kampanja, uz standardni nivo ulaganja, postala najefikasnija kampanja 2018. godine. _x000D_ _x000D_

Brand: Vip Back to school family platforma
Client: Vip Mobile
Agency: Leo Burnett (Belgrade)

Fútbol Mode

The ongoing battle among wireless carriers is a fierce acquisition game while trying to keep existing customers. Instead of playing into the "my network is better than your network" game, Sprint intended to demonstrate quality by offering unlimited soccer for unlimited fans. Going after high-value Hispanics, Sprint put soccer fans in "Fútbol Mode" to help them connect to the World Cup halfway around the world. Hacks helped fans get away with watching the game when they shouldn't have been... while putting Sprint's network quality and unlimited data to good use.

Brand: Sprint
Client: Sprint
Agency: Alma DDB

Smartić Satić

Last year, sales after launch of our Smart watch for kids was below expectations because it targeted “concerned parents” niche. To give it another try, we decided to rather pitch the offer to kids instead of their parents. To reach kid’s attention, we changed product name to SMARTIĆ-SATIĆ. We subverted traditional kid's campaigns, creating a modern, catchy tune and music video with a choreography, highlighting true children’s interests. The end results were beyond amazing, overachieving KPI by far. We sold 12.360 devices in 2018. compared to 468 (2017).

Brand: Smart watch for kids
Client: Telenor Srbija
Agency: New Moment New Ideas Company

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