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Yahoo! Local

Over the last few years the number of local directories has increased dramatically, but few have offered users multiple features, recommendations and ratings by other users. In Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! combined search, mapping, directory and user-rating technology to create a service that dramatically improved on local directories. The campaign was challenged with how to drive trial and awareness, change perceptions and stay relevant and useful to both consumers and businesses. It did that and delivered well above goals for awareness, referrals, unique users and market share.

Brand: Yahoo! Local
Client: Yahoo!
Agency: Soho Square
Language: English

Vonage Stupid Things Campaign

By November 2004, Vonage had secured 268,000 subscribers and was ready to break into the broader market and revolutionize fixed-line telephone service. Vonage wanted to increase brand awareness, solidify its leadership and aggressively grow its consumer base. All objectives were surpassed, including achieving the goal of securing 1 million lines, an 89% increase in aided brand awareness and a 223% increase in customer acquisition.

Brand: Vonage
Client: Vonage Holdings Corporation
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Language: English


A simple, albeit somewhat controversial, carol called ___Chrismahanukwanzakah__ inviting people to join in on an all-inclusive celebration led Virgin Mobile to one of the most successful holiday periods in telecom history. What was once perceived to be an inferior product offering became a must-have holiday gift and grew Virgin Mobile's customer base by 50% in just three months.

Brand: Virgin Mobile
Client: Virgin Mobile USA
Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Language: English

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