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RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We addressed segment of the most advanced users – young urban residents aged 20–35, active users of mobile Internet. To get everythign, they can pay for more expensive tariffs. At the same time, good deal matters to them: they always seek for the best offer to suit them and ways to avoid overpaying for excess. *Because they use data more than calls, they opt for tariffs with voice/data mix doesn't match their needs and either have to pay for what they don’t use, or buy extra gigabytes. * Ipsos Comcon, Segmentation of cellular subscribers, 2016

Objectives: Objective was a commercial: higher profitability due to new sign-ups. Also, in competitive environment, Tele2 needed to secure leading position as operator offering best deals. Business KPIs:Enhance dynamics of new sign-ups + 1% vs. original targetIncrease share of medium and high-income subscribers among newcomers;Marketing KPIs:leadership in Consideration (2nd place, 33%) *;increase the lead in Value for Money (1st place, 23%, gap 5 points) *;Grow by 5% traffic to stores with a high rate of conversion into contracts**.* FDF + Magram, Quantitative Tracking Study, April 2018.** Company internal business data, Q2’17-Q2’18.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian