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YOTA ad in the entry for Effie

RAN IN: Russia


Audience:   YOTA targets consumers aged 16 to 30. Potentially, they are more profitable as subscribers, since they use mobile internet more frequently* and consume considerably more traffic (65% of those who watch streamed video on their smartphones fall into this age interval)**. The other reason this audience is specifically appealing to YOTA is their openness to new offers on the market, and their tendency to value brand image over pricing or functionality when choosing a product*.   *Russian Target Group Index, Q2 2017 **Data on the state of YOTA’s subscriber base, Q2 2018  

Objectives: Our business goal was to increase growth rate of subscriber base by increasing sales. Based on previous campaigns’ data, we decided to consider a 25% rate increase as successful*. To achieve that we needed to increase spontaneous brand awareness by at least 6% (significant by category standards**). For a challenger player like YOTA, spontaneous awareness is crucial*** — otherwise the brand simply won’t come to mind, with four large competitors boasting a near-100% awareness.     *Data by YOTA Business Intelligence **Brand health tracking, Ipsos Comcon, 2017 ***Brand Awareness Effect on Consumer Decision Making, Byron Sharp, 2000

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian