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Launch of online store perekrestok.ru

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The audience consists of Moscow and St. Petersburg residents, family people of 25–45 y. o., who are responsible for grocery shopping for their families and for elderly parents living alone. They choose nearby supermarkets for regular purchases and hypermarkets for large weekly purchases. Core: women, 25–55 years old, income over 20 thousand rubles per person in the family, professionals, managers, employees, housewives. Store’s reputation is important for them. It ensures the quality and freshness of the products and the comfort of the buying process.

Objectives: To form aided awareness of Perekrestok.ru at the level of 30%. To raise the contribution of Perekrestok.ru sales to 0.15% in total sales of “Perekrestok” supermarkets by the end of 2018. This corresponds to the average share of e-grocery sales in total sales of grocery.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian