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Evotor Smart Terminals Start Up for a New Audience

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The small entrepreneurs in trade and catering. Their main ‘business automation’ tool is a calculator. They do not think like major businessmen.They are rational and comply with the law by the best price solution. For them, the online cash register is just extra headache and forced expenditures. They purchase required device at one’s last gap to avoid sanctions. As the use of the cash register is associated with responsibility and fines, they are concerned and look for someone to rely on. Band confidence and recommendations in sales channels play a crucial role in their choice.

Objectives: Commercial objective: sale of at least 150K devices by July 1, the end of the second wave of reform. According to the FTS, the market size for potential customers in 2018 was about 1M registers, so the plan for the campaign is 15% of that. [Russian Federal Tax Service] Marketing objective: provide full product knowledge to a new audience and form a category of smart terminals in the small business segment. KPI: reach of the maximum possible share of the target audience; KPI by clicks — 840K; KPI by pre-rolls views — 3.6M.

Type: B2B

Language: English, Russian