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Sberbanks new face

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The target audience of the campaign includes people from 14 to 25 y.o. (core – 14-19 y.o.) with a below-average income.They do not watch TV, react slightly to the traditional advertising, consume an immense amount of SoMe content on a daily basis, and love when brands speak their language. Target users also actively participate in promotions featuring discounts and additional bonuses.This segment is crucial for Sberbank, as people of this age get introduced to the banking services for the first time and remain loyal to their first bank for a long time.

Objectives: А. Commercial goal: increase the number of young clients by 10% in 2018. B.Communication goals: Create a new channel, targeting young customers. Attract at least three times more users than the competitors’ largest community (370k). Improve brand health among the campaign participants across such indicators as*: – «talks to me in the same language» / «suits me in character»: +5 points (46% before the project’s launch) – «I like this very much»: +10 points (49%) – «suits young people well»: +15 points (35%) C.Social goal: Spread financial literacy among the target audience. *–Sberbank’s Brand Tracking, November 2017

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian