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A new media model to transform a brand that sucks

A brand that sucks finds sweet success - finding growth, brand relevance and an identity after years of stagnation - with a new model designed for the new age of communications.

Brand: Jolly Rancher
Client: The Hershey Company
Agency: Anomaly

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Pink and Black

Pink & Black has been one of the most successful ice cream product launches in history. The launch has not only achieved an outstanding awareness, it did it with a relevant message to Pleasure Seekers, a message that made them feel identified. A perfect channel strategy that made every touch point relevant and efficient in conquering results. The success was such that in a world full of novelties and product launches, sales and trial was overly accomplished.

Brand: Magnum
Client: Unilever

Express Your Peepsonality

PEEPS, the iconic Easter candy, has been increasingly challenged in recent years by industry giants, like Reeses and M&Ms, who wield multi-million-dollar media budgets. This year, with under $2 million dollars, PEEPS launched Express Your Peepsonality, a campaign built on the insight that PEEPS arent just for eating; they're for baking, crafting, decorating, dioramas, and much more. This Easter, eight of the nine largest PEEPS competitors had sales declines while PEEPS Sugar Candy sales grew by almost 9%.

Brand: PEEPS
Client: Just Born
Agency: The Terri & Sandy Solution

A universal insight. Famous work. A satisfyingly effective combination.

Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign was born of a genius insight, brought to life through a brilliant execution. In its first year, it drove unprecedented sales uplift and bolstered market share across almost 60 markets – pretty good for an 80-year-old brand. For a continued 10 years, Snickers has maintained this campaign’s success, harnessing its founding hunger insight to inspire endless ways to tell and reinvent its famous story – ultimately embedding itself in consumers’ lives and culture.

Brand: Snickers
Client: Mars Chocolate
Agency: BBDO (AMV, China, Proximity China, Clemenger, Moscow, IMPACT CAIRO, Impact Dubai, Dusseldorf, Japan, MEXICO, Graffiti)

Oreo Music Box

为了让中国年轻E族能爱上并消费(100百年历史)的奥利奥,我们与天猫合作发布了一款电商产品“Oreo Music Box”。让用户从购买开始的每个环节都能“play with oreo”其中包含:1.用户在线自定义外包装 2.吃一口奥利奥换一首歌 3.AR互动MV。将品牌价值观和提升产品销量都完美整合在了这款产品上,通过这款创新的产品,达到了“品销合一” 获得了超预期的市场反响和口碑。
One box packed with 3 fun way to play. l) Choose your favorite theme and colors for your packaging. 2)Every bite of Oreo Play a different song! 3)You can even enjoy an AR animation while playing Oreo Music Box! We want our consumer not only love our Oreo biscuit but also have fun while having Oreo. With the success of Oreo Music Box, it helps to build up brand love. Compared with last year TMALL Super Brand Day sales, it has reached huge sales result. With the success of Oreo Music Box, we want to bring the fun to the world, starting this year Christmas we will launch it in U.S.A.

Brand: OREO
Client: Mondelez China
Agency: VML


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