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Brands that are credible, confident, and reassuring are the ones that build trust, from delivering on brand promises to taking action for the greater good. This month’s featured cases showcase marketing efforts that helped brands effectively build or restore trust with their customers.

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How ten years of building trust built the bottom line

In the mid 2000’s McDonald’s was the villain of the food industry and the public were eating it up. More people distrusted McDonald’s than trusted the brand in 2008, we needed to rebuild trust so people could feel good about eating our food again. After 10 years of building both Cognitive and Affective trust, more people trust than distrust McDonald’s: a greater positive trust gap (+22 ppts) than the negative gap we started with (-20 ppts). From econometric modelling, this shift in perception drove significant incremental revenue. 

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's UK
Agency: Leo Burnett London
Language: English

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1,000 New Accounts A Day

Believe it or not, there was a marketing success story this year in financial services. It started with a simple idea: There's comfort in numbers. Grounded in the fact that an average of 1,000 new accounts were opened every day at E*Trade, the campaign helped protect the brand. It expanded the franchise beyond early adopters, drove new account openings up 15% from first quarter 2007 to first quarter 2008 and earned millions in publicity with a commercial on the Super Bowl featuring a talking baby.

Brand: E*TRADE
Client: E*TRADE
Agency: Grey New York
Language: English

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Detector de Corrupção

O app Detector de Corrupção integra o reconhecimento facial da Microsoft - com precisão de 98% - a um extenso banco de dados que reúne e traduz para uma linguagem simples investigações e condenações antes espalhadas em centenas de instâncias. Assim, qualquer brasileiro pode apontar a câmera do seu smartphone para a imagem (na TV, em papel, ao vivo) de um candidato e receber, em alguns segundos, toda a ficha pública de registros oficiais contra ele. São mais de 40 mil políticos cadastrados. Em apenas uma semana, fomos o app mais baixado do Brasil no Google Play e na Apple Store, com mais de 400 mil downloads. E, enquanto os corruptos nos ameaçavam com processos, os políticos com ficha limpa usaram o app para promover sua integridade. Mas mais importante: agora que os brasileiros têm acesso fácil e simples às fichas dos políticos, os cidadãos têm em mãos novamente a possibilidade de mudar a cara do país nas próximas eleições.

Brand: Reclame Aqui
Client: Reclame Aqui
Agency: Grey Brasil
Language: Portuguese

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TESTED for Life in Canada

To stake its claim in the Canadian retail landscape, we developed a platform that has broken-through the clutter, helped demonstrate quality, restore trust, and reinforce Canadian Tire’s unique and ownable place in retail. It has delivered six years of improved brand health and sustained sales growth. But more than just an advertising idea, TESTED has become a core brand asset, and has helped transform Canadian Tire’s core business strategy.

Brand: Canadian Tire
Client: Canadian Tire Retail
Agency: TAXI
Language: English

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How a German supermarket became Australia's most trusted brand

Brand: Aldi Australia
Client: Aldi
Agency: BMF
Language: English


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