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The Batting Lab

The Batting Lab was a smart batting cage that showcased SAS' innovative analytics technology to a skeptical audience while improving kids' data literacy skills under the guise of helping them improve their swing. It improved SAS' innovation perceptions by 285%, consideration by 399%, and recommendation by 258%. Every child in the program improved their confidence with data AND their swing. 

Brand: SAS
Client: SAS
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

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KEEN UTILITY- Fits you better

Not all work boots are created equal. Neither are all work sites. So KEEN Utility makes footwear for everything from heavy-duty construction sites to weekend DIY-ers. But how do you make sure you’re getting the right boot in front of the right wearer? We broke our audience down by job titles—thousands of ‘em—and showed that we not only understand their job, we understand their life outside of work. By targeting them throughout their daily lives, we increased sales 35%, proving that KEEN Fits You Better. The Whole You.

Brand: KEEN Utility
Client: Keen Inc.
Agency: Hanson Dodge
Language: English

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Texas Barber Bracket

Guys’ participation in grooming was down since March 2020, and men were looking rough. As the official men’s personal care products of the NCAA, Unilever needed a way to get men grooming again. With the Sweet 16 in Texas, Unilever brought a barber-bracket-style tournament to local retailer H-E-B. Barber finalists hit the road in a traveling tailgate that put fans in the barber chair to get them game day ready. The program drove trial of Unilever brands, raising men’s grooming sales 11.8%.

Brand: Unilever Beauty and Personal Care
Client: Unilever
Agency: Arc Worldwide
Language: English

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How We Got Customers Lovin' It And Kept Them Lovin' It, No Matter What

This is the story of how, over 15 years, brand-building has taken McDonald’s UK from national pariah to national treasure.
It brings to life how this unique approach to communications was established, expanded and elevated to re-earn McDonald’s place in the hearts of the nation, and never let it go.
And it proves how this has driven an extraordinary 54 quarters of continuous growth and delivered £4.7bn of additional revenue, despite a catastrophic PR crisis, category fragmentation, and Covid-19.
This is the story of how brand-building got customers Lovin’ It again, and kept them Lovin’ It, no matter what.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's (United Kingdom)
Agency: Leo Burnett
Language: English

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To help people who sincerely want to quit smoking but are weary of getting involved help from others, Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) create a tool that lends them the support they need in a private, low-key medium: CRM. Through the CRM Quit Buddy program (and with no paid media), TFF was able to fill the long unaddressed void between quitting totally alone and its more involved formal services, leading to 78% higher quitting success than its other services, as well as enrollment and engagement at double the industry benchmarks.

Brand: Tobacco Free Florida
Client: Tobacco Free Florida
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English


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