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2020 Effie Awards Greater China Holds Commerce & Shopper Final Round Judging

The final round judging of 2020 Effie Awards Greater China Commerce & Shopper Marketing category took place at Keda Group, Beijing, on 14th October. The judging panel composed of 10 professionals from top brands, leading agencies, academic institutions and media. 
Before the judging began, Mr. Xu Haoyu, President of Effie Greater China & SVP of Effie Worldwide, stated, “There will be two final judging events for 2020 Effie Awards Greater China, in Beijing and the other in Shanghai. I am also excited to see who will be the winner in the Commerce & Shopper Marketing category. Last but not least, I would like to thank all attended judges and JD, our partner of the Commerce & Shopper Marketing category.

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First Effie Performance Marketing seminar held at Tencent Beijing headquarters on August 6th

Effie Awards Greater China's 2020 Performance Marketing Awards competition officially opened on August 3.

The first of three seminars discussing the performance marketing field in China was held at Tencent's Beijing headquarters on August 6. Two additional events will be held in late August at Zhihu and HUAWEI headquarters.

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