Effie Canada Sample Cases

​Entrants are encouraged to review the below case studies from past Effie Awards winners.

Effie does not endorse a single formula for crafting an effective entry, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc. Please thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form template and all entry resources when preparing your submission.

Please also note, as part of Effie’s publication policy, entrants have the opportunity to edit their submitted cases before publication. The case version (Original or Edited) is designated on Page 1 of each PDF.

Lotto 6/49 - Integrated year 3

If you can’t change the game, change how it’s played. In only three years, Lotto 6/49 turned its equity as a losing game into acts of celebration for everyday victories in life. By shifting the reason why people should play Lotto 6/49 and turning everyday moments of luck into purchase occasions, the campaign reverted decades of declining sales among Millennials in the industry. Today, the tagline You should play 6/49 is used daily by Quebecers, a saying that ensures the lottery's relevance and ticket purchases for years to come.

Brand: Lotto 6/49
Client: Loto-Québec
Agency: Sid Lee

Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home

After years of tactical performance campaigns, Australia’s market share in the U.S. remained stagnant – even though outbound tourism was on the rise. So in 2018 Tourism Australia pivoted their approach, hijacking the Super Bowl with a powerful lead-generation campaign masquerading as the next big Hollywood blockbuster reboot. With a carefully constructed media roll-out to authentically sell the rouse, they helped cut-through the travel marketing ‘sea of sameness’ and build an enormous qualified audience pool – eventually powering a lead generation rate 4x greater than the country’s ever seen.

Brand: Tourism Australia
Client: Tourism Australia
Agency: UM Australia


Fighting hate speech through awareness, education or yelling doesn’t work, it just fuels it. Instead, we built an AI-driven bot that identifies hate speech on Twitter, and then sends an automated reply to hate speech authors that they needed to make an impossible decision: retweet and fund a donation to an anti-hate organization or delete their tweet. To date, 9 million fewer people have been exposed to hate speech on Twitter.

Brand: WeCounterHate
Client: Life After Hate
Agency: POSSIBLE - Seattle

Sorry for the #holidayspam

As the smallest player in market, Three needed to steal their competitors' customers in a category beset with inertia and apathy in order to grow. To stand out, we'd show we best understand how customers use their phones, including their biggest pain-points. We created a market-first offer that allowed customers to roam abroad at no extra cost. It created an avalanche of holiday spam. We "apologised" for the best thing we'd ever done. The campaign helped Three grow to an all-time high with 10.4m customers and 13.3% market share.

Brand: Three
Client: Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Buster the Boxer: John Lewis' most effective Christmas ever

The Christmas period generates 40% of John Lewis annual profit, so success at Christmas is crucial for the business. In 2016, in a dire retail climate and against fierce competition, our Christmas campaign became John Lewis' most effective and profitable ever. It became our most watched, liked and shared Christmas advert of all time, and delivered real commercial value to the business, paying for itself ten times over with an ROI of £11. 

Brand: John Lewis
Client: John Lewis
Agency: adam&eveDDB


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