Seasonal Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that effectively capitalized on a season, holiday or cultural event to drive results for their business. 



The Christmas Party: Putting Helpfulness at the heart of Christmas 2022

Tesco had carved out a niche for its Christmas advertising. But how do you follow up two years of successfully reflecting the mood of the nation, when that mood is at rock bottom? It would have been easy to change course, but Tesco stuck to their guns, and stood up for Christmas joy when it seemed like nobody else would.

Brand: Tesco
Client: Tesco
Agency: BBH London
Language: English

Papa Nicole

We needed to build consideration for Renault with two different audiences- today’s buyers (“dads”) and tomorrow’s (“daughters”)- united by little other than Covid-triggered nostalgia.
Fortunately, Renault’s past is home to some treasured assets, including the brand’s beloved nineties campaign: Papa, Nicole. Reviving theiconic father-daughter drama could help us bridge both audiences- and unlock latent love for Renault.
We told a new chapter in the story starring three new Nicoles and their Papas.
And we launched it on a day that had surged in importance during lockdown: Father’s Day.

Brand: Renault UK
Client: Renault Groupe UK
Agency: Publicis Poke
Language: English

A Very different Christmas

This is not a story about a big-budget retailer achieving growth by following the usual Christmas playbook and creating a big, tear-jerking Christmas campaign. No, this is a story about how a challenger with a decreasing share of voice defied the unspoken advertising rules of Christmas.
By bringing Christmas forward, Very successfully dodged the post-2020 retail freefall, maintained gross revenue and delivered a total profit ROI of £9.01 - a return that puts the business in the company of the celebrated big-guns. A perfect example of a creative marketing idea (and related change in media approach) that transformed commercial outcomes.

Brand: Very
Client: Very
Agency: Grey London
Language: English

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