Commerce & Shopper: Omni-Channel Shopper Solution

In-store, online, customer service, loyalty programs, mobile apps, delivery services, social media, aisle disruption… Winners and finalists in this category represent the best examples of manufacturers and retailers committed to providing effective omni-channel commerce and shopper programs.



CVS Dove Positively Real

Beauty/Personal Care trips to CVS have been in decline, with Dove experiencing negative sales impact. So we uncovered how to align CVS’ and Dove’s beauty purposes in a unique and inspirational way that disrupted our shoppers’ usual health-oriented trip. Our Dove portfolio program, “Positively Real,” celebrated our shoppers’ real, unaltered beauty and was supported by a 360 omnichannel plan. Our results brought in +15% dollar sales lift for Dove’s total portfolio, proving our story was powerful. This program has been so successful, we’re currently working on a year 2 execution.

Brand: Unilever BPC
Client: Unilever
Agency: Arc Worldwide
Language: English

Unilever Kroger Scents of Confidence

Unilever and Kroger showed Puberty-Puzzled Parents how to take the sweat out of finding their tweens’ first deodorant. Instead of dividing deodorants by gender, we helped them shop based on their tweens’ personalities and passions. This armed parens and kids with a Scents of Confidence. The campaign increased Unilever deodorant sales by 20%, drove retention with 40.6% repeat shoppers during the program period, and increased our share of sales to 47.13% for the deodorant category. Ultimately, Scents of Confidence positioned Unilever as #1 at Kroger among households with children.

Brand: Unilever Beauty & Personal Wellness
Client: Unilever
Agency: Arc Worldwide
Language: English

Walmart X Old Spice School of Swagger

2 million students dropped out of high school in 2019. Mentorship dramatically reduces dropout rates and improves long-term success. Through Old Spice’s School of Swagger mentorship program launched in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, shoppers can help reduce high school dropout rates. To promote this program, we used Omni-Channel tactics by giving shoppers the opportunity to purchase hero items as well as impact kids' lives in-store, online, social and in person.

Brand: Old Spice
Client: Proctor & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Language: English

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2020_cse_2020_e-5035-306_hero_1 Unilever Personal Care Beauty Bag Program

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