Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Other

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and executed that idea at a single retail chain.



Nutter Butter at 7-Eleven

This program leveraged a shopper insight to create a custom activation that was successful across multiple fronts. It introduced the fifty-year-old NUTTER BUTTER brand, an unsupported business for decades, to 7-Eleven’s millennial shoppers; launched three product innovations in three different product categories; and pushed the brand’s sales from flat to double-digit growth throughout and after the promotional period.

Brand: Nutter Butter
Client: Mondelēz International
Agency: Phoenix Creative Co.
Language: English

Snickers World Wrestling Entertainment at Dollar General

Dollar General is a growing retailer with a unique shopper, one that defines value as price discounts. As the retailer expanded, our category and competitors saw growth. However, Snickers was in decline. By delivering shoppers an exclusive digital experience rooted in shoppers’ WWE fandom, Snickers was able to redefine the value equation by giving shoppers something priceless. This unique offer reinvigorated the Snickers brand in the eyes of Dollar General shoppers, resulting in brand growth that outpaced the category and the competition.

Brand: Snickers
Client: Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Agency: Integer
Language: English

What Pain? All Gain

When it comes to Dollar General, every single dollar counts. With extremely tight budgets, every purchase is at the expense of another and our shopper is being forced to make painful decisions about what they buy. Our program reinforced the superiority of Advil and highlighted value for our shopper, because when other pain relief doesn't work, our shoppers can’t work and provide for their family. The program resulted in incremental display, increased brand engagement, and a massive jump in sales. It truly was a pain-free experience for everyone involved.  

Brand: Advil
Client: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Agency: TracyLocke
Language: English

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