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Good Morning World

In a large-scale integrated campaign using multiple digital platforms and social media channels, we created 365 videos of real New Zealanders saying "Good Morning World" from their part of NZ, every day, for an entire year. The 'Good Mornings' used digital platforms and social channels each morning in different time zones across all Tourism New Zealand's key markets globally. All part of the strategy to focus on the people and human experience of New Zealand rather than the place itself – evolving the creative platform to ‘100% Pure Welcome.’

Brand: Tourism New Zealand
Client: Tourism New Zealand
Agency: Special Group New Zealand
Language: English

Don't Go There, Live There.

In just 8 shortyears, Airbnb has redefined the concept of travel accommodations. As global competition mounted, Airbnb needed to bring that disruptive soul to the masses, including its first real foray into China. With global aspirations on a not-so-globalbudget, Airbnb created a single message that would resonate across wildly different cultures and disrupt the conventions of the industry. This single, universal message challenged millions of people to reimagine travel, resulting in the most dramatic business results in Airbnbs history; an average globalincrease of 13% awareness and 7% consideration.

Brand: Airbnb
Client: Airbnb Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles
Language: English

Never A Stranger

In 2015, Airbnb set out to show the world it offered more than just a snooze in someone else's sheets. Tasked with a 10% lift in global brand awareness, we also had to inspire openness to an oft dismissed idea. In two months, we created a 14% uptick in global brand awareness, double-digit lifts in choice-driving brand attributes, and spiked web traffic 3-4x the baseline during broadcast airings. By going straight at the uncomfortable truth of strangers, we addressed the brand's biggest barrier and transformed the world's view of Airbnb.

Brand: Airbnb
Client: Airbnb Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Language: English

2016_gl_2016_100057_hero_1 Tourism Australia Repositioning the continent of Australia as the world's greatest restaurant

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