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Christmas campaigns are tough, simply because it’s traditional and predictable. Heineken wanted to subvert the cliché of Christmas gifting and turn on a surprise – for all. “All I want for Christmas is Heineken” is a clever campaign that subverts a seasonal phenomenon – cringeworthy holiday-gifting - to create surprise and customer affinity, thus driving sales and engaging more consumers than any conventional beer campaign.

Brand: Heineken
Client: Heineken - Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
Agency: DDB Group Singapore
Language: English

Choose What You Love

In a saturated credit card market, HSBC’s challenge was to cut through the clutter by striking a resonant chord with the targeted audience. Our strategy revolved around championing personalisation through an engaging digital experience, and exploring a fresh medium that talks to customers’ emotions: music. “Choose what you love” leverages a quiz and real-time data to create 16,000 permutations, a truly unique music video that reveals the perfect card for each user. The campaign, deployed across multiple platforms for three months, over performed the target with +63% in application.

Brand: HSBC
Client: HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Singapore
Language: English


Brand: Korean Air
Client: Korean Air
Agency: HS Ad
Language: Korean

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