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​The category is for campaigns that effectively used shopper insights, strategy, and creative to drive e-commerce customer journey and purchase.  



Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade Super Bowl Launch

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade was set to launch in early 2021, and with most of the country isolated at home during the big game, we used broadcast integration paired with digital and eCommerce tactics to drive trial and eCommerce, to ultimately be the #1 beer brand sold on Super Bowl Sunday.

Brand: Bud Light
Client: AB INbev
Agency: Draftline_USA
Language: English

Shelf Swap

While big brands fought over grocery shelves, Stonefire flipped the script. We followed our consumers to online channels and took our battle against big bread out of the store and into the screen. Introducing the Stonefire Shelf Swap, the first online heist turning searches for bread into searches for Stonefire. We also surrounded the consumer with meal and usage ideas that showed why it’s better to be a Naancomformist and leave the boring bread lifestyle in the past. Shelf Swap aggressively and efficiently increased sales, units sold and repeat purchasers.

Brand: FGF Brands
Client: FGF Brands
Agency: FCB Chicago
Language: English

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Traveling in the Times of Corona

The Wild Detectives has worked to create an experience for Dallas locals built around books, booze, and community-driven cultural conversation. This vision came to a halt when the pandemic forced thousands of small businesses to close permanently. The WD found a way to keep their business afloat by creating a mock travel agency, gobookatrip.com, pranking their fans with the launch of their new e-commerce site with no media budget. Sales soared by 200% and the site garnered over 30K visits within the first three days with zero media investment.

Brand: The Wild Detectives
Client: The Wild Detectives
Agency: Dieste, Inc.
Language: English

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