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​The category is for campaigns that effectively used shopper insights, strategy, and creative to drive e-commerce customer journey and purchase.  



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Traveling in the Times of Corona

The Wild Detectives has worked to create an experience for Dallas locals built around books, booze, and community-driven cultural conversation. This vision came to a halt when the pandemic forced thousands of small businesses to close permanently. The WD found a way to keep their business afloat by creating a mock travel agency, gobookatrip.com, pranking their fans with the launch of their new e-commerce site with no media budget. Sales soared by 200% and the site garnered over 30K visits within the first three days with zero media investment.

Brand: The Wild Detectives
Client: The Wild Detectives
Agency: Dieste, Inc.
Language: English

Your Neighborhood Bud Light Vendor

To connect with sports fans and make up for lost revenue in-stadium and on-premise due to COVID-19, Bud Light created a 360-campaign that used the beloved beer vendor to bring fans the in-stadium experience they were missing and inform them they could get beer delivered to them, just like at the game. Executions drove to BudLight.com/Delivery which aggregated all retailers that could deliver to them. This accelerated alcohol delivery shopping from BudLight.com/Delivery, increasing site traffic 1700%, more than doubling retailer click-outs and contributing to a 209% e-commerce sales lift YOY.

Brand: Bud Light
Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Agency: FCB/RED
Language: English

Mach Drop: Selling Vehicles Like Sneakers

To generate demand and excitement for Mustang Mach-E, Ford rereleased a batch of its limited quantity First Editions against a rapidly approaching production deadline. By targeting a niche audience Ford had never spoken to before, and uncovering their shopping affinity for pop culture merchandize, we turned to sneaker sales for inspiration and ‘dropped’ the Mach-E for order unannounced across three select hype culture environments. As a result, we were able to convert 44% of our leads into orders and generate incremental revenue 200x our budget.

Brand: Ford
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

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