Multicultural - Services

Any effort for a service whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc. 



Think "Ote"

Hispanic small business owners have been underplaying their business size and potential, thinking their businesses are too small to invest in software or technology solutions to manage cash flow, payments and bookkeeping. This is the story of how QuickBooks changed the "I'm not that big" mindset in the Hispanic business community and nearly doubled the number of Latinos adopting QuickBooks. The strategy? Show Hispanic businesses with names ending in 'ito" ("barcitos," "mercaditos”) that just because their names sound "chiquitos" (small in English), it doesn't mean they can't be big.

Brand: QuickBooks
Client: Intuit QuickBooks
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English

Live Like a Gigillionaire (Hispanic)

AT&T Fiber introduced their fastest internet speeds ever: a premium product in a category of low-price promises, among a Hispanic community often stereotyped as lower income. AT&T Fiber challenged norms and stereotypes, asserting that Hispanics preferred high-speed internet and justified paying for more speed. The “Live Like a Gigillionaire” campaign shared how hyper-fast internet speeds empower Hispanic households to live the “richer” lifestyle they seek. 6 months after launch, AT&T Fiber earned category leadership: +37% gross adds. +20% loyalty. +10% unaided brand awareness. +12% unaided ad awareness. +7% speed perception.

Brand: AT&T FIber
Client: AT&T
Agency: Dieste
Language: English

Dorado: More Than a Music Video

By the end of 2019, McDonald’s was no longer capturing their fair share of the Hispanic market, with the biggest losses among those under 24. The brand was becoming irrelevant. McDonald’s enlisted global sensation J Balvin to create a music video experience that celebrated the optimism and culture Latinos have brought to the restaurant for generations. During launch, 70% of those who engaged with Dorado content on the McDonald’s app placed an order. The video earned 35x more views, 137x more engagements than average on McDonald’s YouTube channel in 2020.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: Alma DDB
Language: English

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