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This is the worst team in the world, but won the respect of Yao Ming and millions.
Ye Sha, a teenage boy who loved basketball, passed away on April 27 2017 and the organs he donated saved the lives of seven people. About 300,000 Chinese are on waiting lists every year. The organ supply-demand ratio is 1:30.
In order to boost voluntary donations, we found five organ recipients of Ye Sha. We formed a basketball team named after the boy, and brought to life his unrealized dream.
Ye Sha's team sent out a challenge letter to professional basketball teams on the WeChat social network. The message was put on the table of CBA. In the end, they agreed to a friendly match during the WCBA All-Star Game.

Brand: Tencent Foundation
Client: Tencent Foundation
Agency: Loong
Language: Mandarin

Buick ExcelleGT 3 or 4 Truth Test Drive Event

Buick ExcelleGT, equipped with a more energy-efficient three-cylinder engine, relaunched last year. However, resulting from consumers’ bias of three-cylinder, ExcelleGT suffered from a severe sales decline. The previous Top-3 sedan fell out of the top 20.
In fact, most three-cylinder haters haven’t even driven it. Therefore, the best way to change consumers’ bias is to let them experience rather than educate them. So we launched a humorous test drive. Consumers were invited to test drive both three-cylinder and three-cylinder Buick. But we secretly interchanged the engine in order to let consumers experience without bias. Those who thought they drove four-cylinder (actually three-cylinder) were amazed at the driving experience. The rumor of three-cylinder is exploded in front of the fact.
This real product experiencing event not only overturn consumers’ bias successfully, but also help the former sales king went back to Top 3 again.

Brand: buick
Client: SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited
Agency: Ogilvy Shanghai
Language: Mandarin


As brands are all striving to grab young people’ attention, M&M’S was no longer exciting, even experienced the biggest loss in the young market which owned the highest penetration before. It led to a 3-year continued sales decline.
How can M&M’S reinvigorate itself?
Under the brand strategy of exploring on screen time, we identified the newest trend of fan culture in esports, and made M&M’S the first brand leveraging esports fan economy!
We sponsored KPL (esports contest representing the highest popularity), and empowered fans to win huge glory for their favorite players - get them on the KPL stage - by using M&M’S products!
It not only brought significant sales growth for the brand, but also created great buzz on social, to which the co-mention with KPL contributed the most, and KPL players contributed the most earned buzz.

Brand: M&M’S
Client: Mars Foods (China) Co., Ltd.
Agency: BBDO China
Language: Mandarin

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