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Touch Card

Everyone is trying to innovate for the masses, leaving out groups of people whose basic needs aren’t even being met. The implications of non-accessible products say, “this world isn’t for you”. In a world focused on moving forward, innovation that leaves people behind isn’t innovation at all. Touch Card is an accessible system of cards from Mastercard with cut-out notches that allows anyone to identify their payment cards apart. Touch Card and the accompanied campaign set a new standard to create a more inclusive world for often overlooked communities.

Brand: Mastercard
Client: MasterCard
Agency: McCann NY
Language: English

Uncovering the Middle Bias

State Street tasked us with promoting their mid-cap funds and generating leads in the process. There was only one problem, investors ignore mid-caps. They were only interested in high-growth small-caps or blue-chip large caps. We created The Middle Bias to take advantage of investors' obsession with status and being the smartest person in the room in a way we knew they’d have to address. In the end, we generated 1038 new, highly qualified sales leads of investors ready to give mid-caps a closer look.

Brand: State Street Global Advisors
Client: State Street Global Advisors
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

Eleanor T. Fitzsimmons

With Financial Advisors seeing no difference between iShares and other Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), iShares’ market leadership was slipping. Through the story of a zealously overachieving prodigy Eleanor (E.T.F.), who embodied the extraordinary abilities of iShares ETFs, we showed that iShares could do more than Advisors thought possible. Eleanor increased Consideration +120% and persuaded 80% of Financial Advisors to use iShares more. The campaign surpassed all category norms and helped iShares hit record-breaking new business figures - powerfully reclaiming iShares’ position at the top of the ETF world.

Brand: iShares by BlackRock
Client: BlackRock
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Language: English

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