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When Filipinos were streaming oceans of online content from competing platforms, with people already catching blockbusters in cineplexes because of the easing COVID restrictions, how did Netflix promote its heist movie “Red Notice?” By heisting the 100-foot high, 50-ton MOA Globe. The stunt caught the nation’s imagination, becoming the No. 1 Twitter trending topic for 12 hours. Garnering 1.3M engagements in just 24. Making “Red Notice” No. 1 on Netflix in just a day, remaining there for 11 more, and staying in the Top 10 for 6 consecutive weeks.

Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix
Agency: GIGIL

The Silent Night

As New Zealanders grapple with the cost-of-living crisis, The Wellington City Mission have experienced a fourfold increase in demand for services — spiking with the pressure of Christmas. To generate emergency fundraising we staged ‘The Silent Night’, a crowd-less event that channelled Wellingtonians’ goodwill into tangible contributions to their community. The event was a sell-out, selling more tickets than the stadium’s seating capacity, raising over $350k in ticket sales, and bringing in first time donors. And because no one attended, 100% of the sales were donated to those in need.

Brand: Wellington City Mission
Client: Wellington City Mission
Agency: Special Auckland

Think "Ote"

Hispanic small business owners have been underplaying their business size and potential, thinking their businesses are too small to invest in software or technology solutions to manage cash flow, payments and bookkeeping. This is the story of how QuickBooks changed the "I'm not that big" mindset in the Hispanic business community and nearly doubled the number of Latinos adopting QuickBooks. The strategy? Show Hispanic businesses with names ending in 'ito" ("barcitos," "mercaditos”) that just because their names sound "chiquitos" (small in English), it doesn't mean they can't be big.

Brand: QuickBooks
Client: Intuit QuickBooks
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English

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