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Think "Ote"

Hispanic small business owners have been underplaying their business size and potential, thinking their businesses are too small to invest in software or technology solutions to manage cash flow, payments and bookkeeping. This is the story of how QuickBooks changed the "I'm not that big" mindset in the Hispanic business community and nearly doubled the number of Latinos adopting QuickBooks. The strategy? Show Hispanic businesses with names ending in 'ito" ("barcitos," "mercaditos”) that just because their names sound "chiquitos" (small in English), it doesn't mean they can't be big.

Brand: QuickBooks
Client: Intuit QuickBooks
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English

IT After Dark

As a provider of IT power management solutions, Eaton needed to become top-of-mind with IT professionals as the pandemic stretched IT pros’ workloads to a breaking point. 60% of IT pros were experiencing more work anxiety than pre-pandemic. IT After Dark, a content hub with games, de-stressing resources and time-saving tools, gave IT pros the one thing their long days (and nights) had lost — a break —and earned Eaton a place in their hearts and minds, setting an all-time high of 65% brand familiarity among new contacts.

Brand: Eaton
Client: Eaton Power Quality
Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide
Language: English

Expect More from Tech

As competitors are blurring the lines between B2B and B2C marketing, IBM has struggled to stay relevant. B2B normally gets a bad rap for being functional and soulless. However, ‘Expect More from Tech’ provoked thoughtful conversation by leveraging human emotions and needs to convey that IBM better serves the world’s enterprises. By challenging the tech industry to take more responsibility for its actions, IBM was able to increase key brand attributes by up to 20% and drive an ROI of 1:19 from leads that were directly driven by people interacting with the campaign.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

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