Brand Integration & Entertainment Partnerships

This award thonors those brands that have effectively reached their audience via strategic integrations & entertainment partnerships.



Adobe x Billie Eilish: Create What’s True to You

After consecutive quarters of subscriber losses, Adobe needed to attract new subscribers. Research revealed the unique benefits that Adobe can own by celebrating the process of creativity as a form of personal exploration. In partnering with Billie Eilish, Adobe celebrated the process of creativity in a way that increased new subscribers by 23%. With a rollout plan that drafted off Billie’s new album release, we achieved our business goals in a way that netted a record high in ROI of 3.3:1.

Brand: Adobe
Client: Adobe
Agency: Pereira O'Dell
Language: English

The World is Your Cart

Carts are more than a collection of goods, they’re cultural artifacts. Snapshots of our lives, saying more about us than what’s for dinner. As the pandemic created mass success for grocery delivery services, a category that was previously nascent became overcrowded. When category leader Instacart looked to reassert their dominance, the cart became the conduit to increase orders and stake their claim in culture. With new found brand IP, we built a creative platform and timely activation that unlocked the cart’s possibilities, driving mass conversation and a boom in orders.

Brand: Instacart
Client: Instacart
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

From n00b to Thief: How Lexus Got Invited to the Esports Party

By getting out of the way and enabling customization, Lexus found its ideal Player 2 in 100 Thieves, the second-most valuable Esports company in the US. Through content integration, experiential executions and a custom wrap celebrating the Thieves’ world championship in League of Legends, Lexus earned their place at the Esports party. The brand’s Consideration and Familiarity increased significantly with Millennials and Gen Z, and Lexus was the #1 brand in equity growth among Gen Z in AdAge’s Gen Z Tracker.

Brand: Lexus
Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Language: English

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