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Everyone’s Original

In the wake of a cultural reckoning, Uncle Ben’s® took action to understand inequities associated with the brand's name and face. Committed to supporting a more inclusive world, Uncle Ben’s became Ben’s Original™, alongside a new purpose to create opportunities that offer everyone a seat at the table. Faced with divided audiences, but guided by Purpose, the brand launched a global platform and campaign celebrating the differences we all bring to the table. Despite complex challenges, the brand grew in penetration, market share, consumer perception and purchase intent.

Brand: Ben's Original
Client: Ben's Original
Agency: The&Partnership Europe
Language: English

Godiva Is Chocolate

The Godiva Is Chocolate campaign catapulted Godiva into CPG where competitors had dominated for years. By repositioning Godiva as the solution to all shoppers’ everyday chocolate needs, we boldly took on the entire category, shattering stereotypes and reframing Godiva from a formal gifting chocolate to an everyday self-treat. While our competitors were still the epitome of gold, chocolate luxury, we flipped the script reaching a new, younger audience. Resulting in +43% distribution increase and a higher increase in sales vs. competitors, the campaign effectively step-changed the growth trajectory of Godiva.

Brand: Godiva
Client: Godiva Chocolatier
Agency: TracyLocke
Language: English


During the height of the pandemic, Coca-Cola transformed an everyday act of necessary convenience (online delivery) into a conscious act of charitable giving (meal donations). Coke wanted to restore traffic to its valued restaurant partners, while at the same time supporting local communities. For every meal ordered on Uber Eats, Coca-Cola would donate one meal to Feeding America, with a goal of donating 5 million meals by the program’s end—and all shoppers had to do was click, order, and dine at-home when their delivery arrived.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Language: English

2021_cse_2021_e-5822-705_hero_1 Mountain Dew Out Here, It's Dew
2021_cse_2021_e-6049-267_hero_1 Cottonelle #ShareASquare
2021_cse_2021_e-6805-424_hero_1 Neutrogena Chasing Sunscreen Shoppers during an unprecedented Summer.

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